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North York Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

By Samantha


"I first saw Dr. Fung when I was in grade six. I was one of the first kids in my class to get braces, and I was worried about the pain and how I would look with metal wiring all over my teeth. Dr. Fung was always very comforting and in fact, there was almost no pain. He always made sure that I took care of my braces carefully by instructing me on what not to eat and how to clean my teeth thoroughly. It wasn’t long before my friends started having braces as well, and instead of being embarrassed, I was proud of being one of the first to get them!"

By Jessica


"I was Dr. Fung’s patient for several years and received ongoing treatment for correcting my teeth. Although I lived quite far from Dr. Fung’s office, I was always happy to make the trip to see him. His office was very clean and organized. Moreover, he was always flexible with booking appointments and never made me wait long. Dr. Fung and the whole staff were always friendly, professional, and made the visits a very pleasant experience."

By Kim


"Before I saw Dr. Fung, I would always keep my teeth hidden in pictures. I had a prominent overbite and I thought it did not look very appealing. For my 50th birthday, thinking it’s better late than never, I thought it was time to do something about it! I went to Dr. Fung and he set up a personalized, safe, and effective treatment plan for me to have a straighter smile. Now, after only a few years, my braces are off and my teeth look great. Now, that’s something to smile about!"

By Cary Chao


"Dr. Fung is good at what he does. He analyzes your teeth with competence and quickly figures out what type of adjustment you need. I had a crooked tooth and some crowding at the bottom. Dr. Fung made my teeth look beautiful and aligned in less than two years and I am very satisfied with the results."

By Roswita Widjaja


"I’ve had the pleasure of being Dr. Fung’s patient for two and a half years. Normally, you wouldn’t hear that about an orthodontic office. Most people just want to get their braces off as soon as possible. Being a university student, it took some time for me to adjust to new eating habits, especially a lack of chewing gum. Dr. Fung and his office staff took pains to make sure that my braces were as comfortable as possible and tried to make the experience fun by changing the colours of my bands every month. As an optimist, I tried to make the best of my braces and embraced the staff. They are very, very kind people who are accommodating when it comes to missed appointments and re-scheduling. Two and a half years later — and just in time for convocation photos — I have a beautiful smile that I’m proud to show off, even if I have to wear the retainer! Dr. Fung and his staff made me want to come into the office every month and made an otherwise uncomfortable experience very enjoyable."

By Mehrdad F.


"Once again I thank you and all your staff for the great job and the wonderful treatment."

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